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The team at, respected magazine, Practical Boat Owner (PBO), have done some independent testing on combination padlocks that feature in their August 2017 edition.

They put eight different combination padlocks in a salt water corrosion tank which sprays a fine mist of warm salty water over the padlocks every hour for a month. This would be far more than they would experience actually on a boat but but better to be over cautious than under!

After the month, there was then testing as to how the dials of the combination performed under those conditions while still factoring in a padlock’s number one objective – security.

Our very own Shield MC40 fared extremely well:

The clear winner of the corrosion test was the Shield MC40 Chrome Marine Combination Padlock, which emerged after a month in our extremely corrosive tank completely unaffected

Also being highlighted for praise are the more expensive and robust Master Lock Pro Series and ABUS 180IB Series as these two took longer to break in to with 18″ bolt croppers or hacksaw.




*Please note that since publication we have been in discussions with Shield to develop a more secure version of this range – watch this space!

** ABUS, manufacturer of the 180IB series, have identified the cause of the dezincification and are working tirelessly to rectify issues on future batches.