Many good quality high-security padlocks come with a removable shackle. It is important to prevent the shackle from being lost when the padlock is in operation. There are a number of ways to prevent this loss and the method will depend on whether you have an open or closed shackle padlock.

How can I retain the shackle?

Having a removable shackle can be a good thing since it allows more room to manoeuvre the lock into a tight space, for example on a container lockbox. However, it can be an issue if you have many people using the lock and worry about the shackle being misplaced.

One solution could be to use a retaining chain on the shackle to avoid it getting lost. The retaining chain is basically a loop clamp riveted to a thin chain, which is then secured with the small bracket near to the place the lock is in use. This can prove a very useful tool in preventing the loss of the shackle. However, you can only use this method on open shackle locks as a clamp would get in the way of the shackle access to lock.

So how to do you solve this issue if you have a closed shackle padlock. When you buy a very good closed shackle padlock then the shackle itself will come out of the body fully when it is unlocked.

This is because the guards or shrouds around the shackle (U Bar) must extend high enough, and all the way around, to prevent bolt cutters from accessing the shackle. As a result, there is not enough room to allow the shackle to extend, and be retained inside the body also.

But this can be a blessing and a curse!

This means you’ll have to resort to professional welding:

1. Take some chain where the width won’t extend over the top of the shackle and inhibit attaching it to a chain or hasp. Remember the chain is just for retention and not security so it doesn’t need to be heavy duty or hardened steel.

2. Cut the end loop in half

3. Weld directly to the shackle on the curved section (see below).


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