Alarm Cable Lock

A thick steel cable with an integrated locking alarm unit on the end. The 10mm internal steel cable is surrounded by a thick plastic sheath and can be locked with the alarm system both active or inactive.

Motorcycle Disc Alarm Lock

This is an entry level lock design to be fitted directly to the disc brake of a motorcycle. Made from solid steel and activated when moved. It will also prevent the wheel of the bike from rotating.

Wide Shackle Alarm D-Lock

This is an extra wide D-Lock with an integrated alarm. The large internal clearance of this D-Lock makes it ideal for gates or bikes.

Extra Long D-Shackle Alarm Lock

Similar to our wide shackle version but with extra long shackle instead. This D-Lock with an integrated alarm is very popular for gates and bikes alike since it has so much clearance.

Bicycle Frame Alarm Padlock

This is a fairly unique lock in that it fits permanently to the frame or suspension forks of your bike making it easy to transport without a bag.