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High Security Padlocks

There are many types of heavy duty padlock so we have broken down this section into easily understood categories below. Either scroll down or use the links below to jump to the section you want. We've added the most common FAQ's on this page but for more in depth advice on high security locks in general see our Advice Section.


Insurance Rated Padlocks

High Security Combination Padlocks

Restricted Anti-Copy Padlocks

High Security Hasps & Chains

Insurance Approved High Security Padlocks

Insurance companies will often ask for a number of different requirements but if in doubt then we advise you to use a European standard known as CEN that ranges from grades 1-6. Please refer to our Insurance Advice Section for more information and ensure you are buying the correct lock. Please note that we also have a page dedicated to sold secure padlocks should you need something that meets that standard. These logos give you a quick idea which locks are insurance approved.


High Security Combination Padlocks

Although there are no combination padlocks that hold insurance certifications, there are a few models that are made to be especially strong where a keyed lock is simply not suitable.

General High Security Padlocks

Here are a range of general mid-range high security locks. Although they are all categorised as especially strong, they have not been put through rigorous insurance testing standards. For the price they are all exceptional value.

Restricted / Protected Padlocks

A padlock that uses a key that is very difficult to copy or is unique to your lock is known as a restricted or protected keyway. The locks below are fully restricted. The keys cannot be copied and records are kept of the owners. Note that we do have a dedicated section for Restricted Padlocks.

Specialist High Security Locks

Here are some speciality locks created for specific applications or unique purposes.

High Security Accessories

Along with your high security lock you may wish to consider some of these accessories that are also design to be equally secure and strong.