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Keyed Alike Padlocks

Keyed Alike padlocks, also known as "same key" or "suited" padlocks, is when one key fits all the padlocks in a set. This doesn't mean that anyone else who buys the same keyed alike padlock as you has the same key. There are many different key variations in circulation.


It is important to note that we record the key number of your set which means you can order more padlocks in the future with the same key. Scroll down or select from the keyed alike categories below or see the FAQs first.


Standard Keyed Alike Padlocks

Weatherproof Keyed Alike Padlocks

High Security Keyed Alike Padlocks

Safety Padlocks Keyed Alike

Additional Keys

Keyed Alike Weatherproof Padlocks

This is our keyed alike range of weatherproof / marine padlocks that are constructed from materials that are 100% rustproof including the shackle and mechanism. We recommend all our padlocks for external use but the weatherproof range are ideal for saline environments or prolonged use outdoors.

Keyed Alike Standard Padlocks

A range of keyed alike padlocks for most all-round purposes. Many of these are brass which is weatherproof and cost effective and when used with a hardened steel shackle, it provides an excellent level of security. Every padlock we offer, even in the standard range uses a weatherproof internal mechanism and anti-pick mushroom pins.

Keyed Alike High Security Padlocks

Our keyed alike high security padlocks are insurance rated using an industry standard known as CEN that ranges from grades 1-6. Padlocks in the high security range are grade 3 or more and often use a closed shackle design.

Keyed Alike Safety Padlocks

Our keyed alike safety padlocks are often used where electricity and chemicals are present. They are keyed alike to a specific colour and when used with a special lock-off hasp, allow a bit of machinery or valve to only be used when all keys are present.

Additional Keys

If you require additional keys with your eyed alike padlocks then order them here. Remember that every padlock comes with 2 keys. Therefore if you order 10 keyed alike padlocks you will get 20 identical keys without having to order any additionally.