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Combination Padlocks

We have an extensive range of combination padlocks so please scroll down to find the type you need or selected form these sub categories:


Low Security  - lockers, luggage, bags
Medium Security  - sheds, gates, storage
High Security  - main gates, warehouses, motorcycles
Weatherpoof  - exposed environments, salt water, marine

Low Security / Small Combination Padlocks

These are anything from 20-40mm in width and generally ideally for lockers, bags and luggage. Each has different qualities in price, weight, colour and function. Note that if you are specifically looking for padlocks for lockers then we have created a dedicated page for those types - CLICK HERE

Weatherproof Combination Padlocks

Unfortunately there are very few combination locks on the market which are 100% non corrosive. Below are a few that are made to be 'Marine Grade' which means no part of the lock can rust. Many of the other medium and high security combination locks are suitable for use outdoors but these weatherproof models are ideal where you have tried normal combination locks and you continue to have problems with rust.

Medium Security Combination Padlocks

These are slightly larger padlocks and use hardened steel shackles to protect against hack-saw attacks. Some also use a unique key that is required to reset the combination. These padlocks are a more heavy duty option than even the largest of our locker and luggage padlocks.

High Security Combination Padlocks

These are the highest security combination padlocks on the market using hardened steel shackles and solid bodies. We also provide closed shackle types for added protection against bolt-cutters and hack-saws. Please note that no combination padlock will carry a CEN rating. If your insurance company requires this certification then please see our High-Security padlocks section.