Combination Padlocks

Here is an extensive range of combination padlocks starting with low, medium and high security types including a section dedicated to weatherproof marine grade versions. Scroll down or click the shortcuts below to skip to the different types.

Low Security
  - lockers, luggage, sheds, took boxes
Medium Security  - sheds, gates, doors, storage
High Security  - Main gates, warehouses, buildings, bikes & motorcycles
Weatherpoof  - exposed environments, salt water, marine


We have tested each one to be reliable and suitable for their intended use and removed those from manufactures that we feel are sub standard or overpriced.

Note that if you are specifically looking for padlocks for lockers then we have created a dedicated page for those types -

WARNING: Note also that if you have locker that uses a Cam Latch then we advise you read our
advice section first

Locker Combination Padlock

We commissioned this padlock by ABUS especially to be exceptionally reliable, long lasting and anti-pick but at an unbelievable price for the quality to produce the ideal padlock for lockers in schools and gyms!

NOT the same as the cheaper identical copies on the market!

Available in 20mm, 30mm and 40mm each come with individual easy to understand instructions.

Master Key Combination Padlock

You won't find this anywhere else!

A new development in the market by the British Padlock Specialist, Shield. This combination padlock is designed for lockers and allows you to override a number of locks with a single master key. Not only that but we also have a version that then allows you to reset the code afterwards and reissue the lock! It is ideal for schools, gyms and workplaces lockers.

We are the official distributor for Shield.

Brass Combination Padlocks

This range has gone through rigorous testing and as such has been approved by the Ministry of Defense, which makes these solid brass padlocks one of the best on the market.

Coloured Combination Padlocks

SPECIAL OFFER!!! Huge discounts off the Red, Silver, Grey, Yellow, Green and Lilac in 30mm sizes!! Ideal for Lockers! The ABUS 145 Series is state of the art and the only aluminium combination padlock on the market. They weigh in at only 40g and still use a hardened steel shackle. We hold both 20mm & 30mm sizes in 9 different colours each. They are the first choice for Peli Cases due to their high quality and low weight.

Traveller Padlocks

The ABUS traveller combination padlocks come in three sizes with 3 and 4 digit options. Ideal for luggage, suitcases, laptop bags, gym lockers, money boxes and sports equipment.

Speed Dial Combination Padlock

The new Speed Dial combination padlock, also know as the 'Masterlock One', is the latest development in padlock technology. These can be operated in low light conditions, when wearing gloves and also by people with poor eyesight. Resettable to your own directional code. Please note that due to a highly complex mechanism this padlock would not be suitable for regular exposure to rain or water.

Safe Dial Combination Padlock

Also a medium security padlock where convenience of use is a high priority. The dial mechanism offer a huge 64,000 possible combinations.

Master Keyed Dial Combination Padlocks

A combination padlock with a Master-Key override making it ideal for schools, colleges and gyms where access is needed in the event of a forgotten code or an emergency. The dial mechanism offers a huge 64,000 possible combinations.

Resettable Master Key Combination Padlock

The latest combination lock by ABUS with a masterkey but with the added advantage of being able to reset the code with the key even if it has been forgotten! This is an added function over the Shield Masterkey Combination locks but you pay a higher price for the privilege.

Weatherproof Combination Padlocks

Unfortunately there are very few combination locks on the market which are 100% non corrosive. Below are a few that are made to be 'Marine Grade' which means no part of the lock can rust. Many of the other medium and high security combination locks are suitable for use outdoors but these weatherproof models are ideal where you have tried normal combination locks and you continue to have problems with rust.

Chrome Marine Combination Padlock

A small and practical rust-free combination padlock by the British company, Shield. It is simple, easy to use, well priced and exceptionally weather resistant even in salt water and exposed environments!

Marine Combination Padlock

This medium security marine grade combination lock. It is designed for salty air environments where normal combination locks rust up very quickly. It comes in a 6mm and an 8mm shackle. The 6mm shackle is not as secure as the ABUS and Masterlock alternatives but it is nice for the price and provides a simple but effective, rust-free solution.

Large Combination Padlock

One of the oldest, but still one of the best and made in Germany. ABUS have been making the 158 series for a long time and now include 3 sizes: 40mm with 3 dials, 50mm with 4 and then the high security 65mm with a mighty 5 dials!


Large Closed Shackle Combination Padlock

A new addition in the exceptional 158 series. Now coming in closed shackle design with the same high quality from Abus. They come in two sizes 50mm with 4 dials and 68mm with 5 dials.

Large Long Shackle Combination Padlock

Due to popular demand we now have an excellent addition to the 158 series. Now coming in long shackle design with the same high quality from Abus. They come in a very hand 50mm size with 4 dials.

Stainless Steel Combination Padlock

This is Masterlock's new marine grade combination padlock made from thick stainless steel including all non corrosive internal components.

Medium Security Combination Padlocks

These are slightly larger padlocks and use hardened steel shackles to protect against hack-saw attacks. Some also use a unique key that is required to reset the combination. These padlocks are a more heavy duty option than even the largest of our locker and luggage padlocks.

Heavy Duty Brass Combination Padlock

A really popular lock and the larger and more secure model of our brass combination padlock range. This 50mm version contains a solid brass body, a hardened shackle and resettable 4 digit code which can only be changed by the holder of the special reset key provided.

Long Shackle Heady Duty Brass Combination Padlock

The long shackle version of our best selling medium security combination padlock. Uses a solid brass body, a hardened shackle and resettable 4 digit code which can only be changed by the holder of the special reset key provided.

Discus Combination Padlock

Disc padlocks have many advantages but manufacturers have found it difficult to integrate a combination mechanism into circular shape. Sterling have now successfully done this here.

Large Chrome Plated Combination Padlock

A large brass padlock with a satin chrome plated body for an attractive finish and added weatherproofing. It also uses thick 8mm shackle and resettable 4-digit code which can only be reset once open and using a special key provided.

Locking Combination Bolt

A locking bolt with built in 4 digit resettable combination ideal for doors, sheds, gates, lock-up boxes and more. Includes all security screws require to fit.

Combination Key Garage

A large combination vault/garage designed to hold small items such as keys, credit cards or jewelery. Two versions include a permanently fixed wall-mounted version and a mobile removable shackle type.

High Security Combination Padlocks

These are the highest security combination padlocks on the market using hardened steel shackles and solid bodies. We also provide closed shackle types for added protection against bolt-cutters and hack-saws. Please note that no combination padlock will carry a CEN rating. If your insurance company requires this certification then please see our High-Security padlocks section.

Octaganol Shackle Combination Padlocks

Octagonal shackles are known to be stronger than standard round ones. Masterlock is the first manufacturer to produce a combination lock incorporating an 10mm octagonal shackle for added security against bolt cutters. Available in both a low cost Die-Cast model and the more secure and weather resistant Brass model.

Combination Shutter Padlock (Straight Shackle)

A straight shackle combination padlock made from solid brass and covered with a protective plastic casing for added impact resistance and weatherproofing. Although it is often known as a shutter lock it can be used in any situation and affords the higher security of a "closed-shackle" design.

Heavy Duty Combination Padlock

This Squire resettable combination padlock is great when you need a high security option but with the convenience of a combination. A die cast corrosion resistant body make it perfectly suitable for outdoor use. 3 Sizes available from 40-60mm.

Closed Shackle Heavy Duty Combination Padlock

This closed shackle version of our Squire resettable combination padlock is great when you need a high security option but with the convenience of a combination. A die cast corrosion resistant body make it perfectly suitable for regular outdoor use. The closed shackle give it additional protection against bolt cropping and saw attacks which is often a requirement of insurance companies.

Stronghold Combination Padlock

Henry Squire have a range of high security padlocks call Stronghold, their flagship range. This is their Stronghold Combination Lock and so the most secure of its type in their range.

Closed Shackle Stronghold Combination Padlocks

Squires most high security combination lock, the closed shackle stronghold with a hardened shackle and body. 5 dials give 100,000 different combinations so there is no chance of someone cracking the code over time in a remote location.

Closed Shackle High Security Combination Padlock

The brand new closed shackle variation of our high security combination padlock makes this our most secure and attack resistant combination padlock! Includes resettable 4-digit code, hardened steel cover and precision mechanism which can only be reset once open and using a special key provided.