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Weatherproof Outdoor Padlocks

There are two types of weatherproof padlock. Standard weatherproof padlocks are designed for normal outdoor use and marine padlocks are constructed from materials that are 100% rustproof which are ideal for salt water conditions or prolonged use outdoors. We categorised the products below into two sections:


Standard Weatherproof Padlocks

Full Marine Grade Padlocks

Standard Weatherproof Padlocks

These are designed to be particularly resilient to normal outdoor conditions in the UK. They usually have non-corrosive mechanisms and coatings that help protect the steel shackle or body. They tend to be more secure than fully marine grade padlocks because their shackle is made from hardened steel rather than stainless steel.

Marine Grade Padlocks

These are fully marine grade padlocks. They're made with stainless steel shackles and non corrosive mechanisms. They all stand up to salt water environments significantly better than other padlocks. However, there is a varying degree of effectiveness, especially with marine combination padlocks. As such we made this video to help with a choice for marine combination padlocks. Unfortunately, the award winning MC40 was not around when this test was done.