What is the difference between a padlock that uses a steel shackle and one that uses a stainless steel shackle. You sell normal brass padlocks and a marine grade brass padlocks. They look the same but what is the difference?


Yes in many of our locks we sell the standard and marine versions. As you can see they look the same apart from one subtle difference. One has a hardened steel shackle and one has a stainless shackle. Lets cut to the chase and get on with the comparison using this brass padlock as an example:

ABUS 65/40 (Standard)
Price: £8.60 ex VAT (2014)
Shackle: Stronger since hardened steel is very hard to cut. May rust over time.
Mechanism: Rust free marine grade

ABUS 65ib/40 (Marine)
Price: £12.29 ex VAT (2014)
Shackle: Weaker since stainless steel can be cut. Will not rust.
Mechanism: Rust free marine grade



They are the same padlock and even both have the same marine grade rust free mechanism. The only difference is the stainless shackle which will be rust free for its life. You pay more for the marine grade stainless version but here is when you should use each type:

  • Indoors: Standard
  • Outdoors more than 20miles from the coast: Standard
  • Outdoors within 20miles from the coast: Marine
  • Outdoors for prolonged period of time with regular use & lubrication: Standard
  • Outdoors for prolonged period of time without use: Marine
  • On the coast line, a boat or offshore: Marine
  • On the coast line, a boat or offshore but with risk of attack by hack saw: Standard*

* regularly lubricated and replaced every 3 years if necessary