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This is our dedicated help, advice and testing results section for padlocks. Every time we get a good question from a customer, or asked to test a product, then we post the answer or results here. Use the list of Categories or the Search Box below to find the answer you're looking for. Don't worry you can get back to your basket our products by clicking our logo above.

We've also created a concise guide with the most commonly asked questions to download and print here:

What is the best colour combination padlock for my luggage?

The Abus 145 series are high quality yet lightweight combination padlocks that will not add unnecessary weight to your luggage and are ideal for use on rucksacks, overnight bags and larger cases. They are available in a large selection of nine great colours in three different sizes. The solid aluminium body with anodised coating gives […]

What is the best way to securely lock up my bike?

The best way to secure your bike, both at home and when you are out, will depend on a number of things. Firstly, where you are leaving the bike, the type of bike you have and even how long you are going to be away from it. Whether you have a top racing bike or […]

What is the best way to store keys outside your home or car?

Installing a key safe is an ideal way to leave a spare key somewhere safe outside your home. Gone are the days where you could simply pop a spare key under the flowerpot or doormat. Fitting this simple key box means you able to give the combination to those you need to have access and […]

What is the best hasp and staple fitting for my padlock?

It can be hard to work out which hasp and staple fitting is best to use with your padlock. There are a couple of things to think about when selecting the fittings and this will largely depend on the padlocks you intend to use and where they will be located. Here are some handy tips […]

What is the best combination padlock to use by the sea?

An ideal combination padlock for use by the sea is the Squire CP40S. A medium security combination padlock that has been designed especially for salty marine environments. The solid plastic body and stainless steel shackle offers great protection against the common problem of rust. It has four decent size dials so it can be easier […]

What is the best combination padlock for a gym locker?

Many gyms need you to take your own padlock to secure your locker. A combination padlock means you can secure your locker without the worry of what to do with the key whilst you have a workout, swim or sauna. The Shield 155 series combination padlock is an ideal option from our great selection of […]

Which outdoor combination padlock is best for boat storage?

The best outdoor combination padlock for securing boat storage is the Shield MC40 or the larger MC50 which won BEST IN TEST in Practical Boat Owner Magazine when subjected to an accelerated salt spray test simulating many years in a natural coastal environment. This marine grade padlock can be used on narrowboats or sea going […]

What is the best outdoor combination padlock with a reset key?

We have a number of padlocks that use a key to enable the resetting of the combination. This is ideal when you do not want users to be able to reset the code but you still need to have the ability to alter the combination when required. We find sites catering to groups of visitors […]

How can I padlock a gate barrier with offset fittings?

Offset gate barrier fittings can be hard to secure but there is a way to get around this. When the holes on the gate fitting do not line up with the holes in the plate on the gatepost it can be hard to secure the gate, especially if the holes are too small to use […]

What is the best way to secure a suitcase whilst traveling?

A small combination padlock is an ideal way to secure your suitcase whilst traveling. Many suitcases have the addition of small loops at the base of the zip tabs, specifically designed so you can add a padlock to secure your case. If your suitcase doesn’t have these loops then you may still be able to […]