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This is our dedicated help, advice and testing results section for padlocks. Every time we get a good question from a customer, or asked to test a product, then we post the answer or results here. Use the list of Categories or the Search Box below to find the answer you're looking for. Don't worry you can get back to your basket our products by clicking our logo above.

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Welcome to the new high security marine grade padlock!

Abus have introduced a fully marine grade high security padlock into the Granit range. The Abus 37ST/55 is constructed with a 12mm shackle and large body in stainless steel, along with inner components made from non-corrosive materials. Stainless steel is known to be a softer metal than hardened steel but Abus have brought both strength […]

What is the best weatherproof padlock for a beach hut?

As beach huts are placed right on the coast you would need to use a fully marine grade padlock making the Abus 24IB/60 an ideal choice. This weatherproof padlock is secure but not too obvious so will help deter thieves from breaking into the beach hut. The Abus 24IB/60 Diskus padlock is ideal by the […]

Can a “non marine” padlock perform near the coast or on a boat?

The short answer is usually no! A non marine grade lock would rust and seize up very quickly around salt water. However, top end manufacturers, like ABUS and Abloy, often make their non-marine locks to such a high standard that they can be used on boats and salty environments with great effect! We often have […]

My padlock has been cut off! What padlock can I replace it with?

We have communal garden gates to our flats and someone has cut off the padlock whilst trying to break into the property. We need to replace it with something more secure as this has now concerned all the residents as to how easy it was to get into the gardens. Do you have something that […]

Combination Padlock Independent Testing

The team at, respected magazine, Practical Boat Owner (PBO), have done some independent testing on combination padlocks that feature in their August 2017 edition. They put eight different combination padlocks in a salt water corrosion tank which sprays a fine mist of warm salty water over the padlocks every hour for a month. This would […]

Practical Boat Owner – Weatherproof Padlocks Tested

We recently supplied a batch of padlocks to a well know magazine called Practical Boat Owner to test. Each lock was regarded as “weatherproof” and available in various chandlaries and hardware shops in the UK. You could be fooled into thinking that they would all be suitable for use on a boat. It is an […]

Saltwater / weather testing of padlocks

We have been asked a few times how a manufacturer can claim that its padlocks will work after 10 years outdoors for example. Some larger brands of padlock who have had the same model in the market for over 10 years and can actually see their locks have coped or failed. However, most will use […]

What is the best padlock for a boat locker?

Answer: ABUS 24ib/50 The ABUS 24 is a range of discus padlocks which are marine grade stainless. They act as a closed shackle design to stop people from using a hack saw to quickly cut off normal stainless padlocks. ABUS are the only manufacturer with the technical ability to make a disc lock so small […]

Stainless VS. Hardened Padlocks

What is the difference between a padlock that uses a steel shackle and one that uses a stainless steel shackle. You sell normal brass padlocks and a marine grade brass padlocks. They look the same but what is the difference? Yes in many of our locks we sell the standard and marine versions. As you […]