As beach huts are placed right on the coast you would need to use a fully marine grade padlock making the Abus 24IB/60 an ideal choice. This weatherproof padlock is secure but not too obvious so will help deter thieves from breaking into the beach hut.

The Abus 24IB/60 Diskus padlock is ideal by the coast and comes with 360 degree anti-cut protection in the reinforced body. Giving you the increased security you are looking for without the chunky look of the larger high security padlocks.

It also comes in a keyed alike version so ideal if you need more than one padlock to secure the beach hut. You can then use one key to open all of the padlocks, which will save you having to work your way through a bunch of keys. This particular size has an 8mm shackle which should be is suitable for most fittings but it is always best to measure first. Once in place then access to the shackle is limited so this makes it a lot harder to get bolt croppers or hacksaw in to cut it. The padlock design means the shackle cannot retract into the body without the use of the key, so two cuts to the shackle would be required in order to remove it.

If you find that once fitted to your beach hut that there is still some shackle on show due to your fittings, then you could add a bolt nut to help fill the gap. This would reduce the amount of shackle that is exposed and make it harder to access with cutters. Although this can reduce the risk of hacksaw attacks, this remedy cannot be used on all padlocks since it can act as leverage for bolt crop attacks. For these particular padlocks you would be fine to add the bolt nut if you wished. For anyone not sure whether to add the bolt nut or not, then a quick read of the article on making a standard padlock more secure will help you decide.