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Safety Lockout / Tagout Padlocks

These types of padlocks are designed to prevent accidental use of machinery or electrical junctions. A single piece of equipment can be secured by multiple padlocks on a single colour coded lock-off hasp which prevents it from being operated or worked on without all key holders present. We recommend the brass or plastic shackle safety locks for petroleum applications to eliminate the chance of sparks. For lockout accessories and hasps, please scroll down.

If you are unsure of which lock might be suitable we encourage you to read our guidance article first in the Advice Section.

Safety Lockout Accessories

Here we have a number of accessories that can be used in conjunction with the safety padlocks to lock-out switches, plugs, circuits and valves.

Padlock & Key Cabinets

Often our customers require highly secure cabinets to store their safety lockout padlocks and prevent potential unauthorised tampering or copying of keys.