Safety Lockout / Tagout Padlocks

These types of padlocks are designed to prevent accidental use of machinery or electrical junctions. A single piece of equipment can be secured by multiple padlocks on a single colour coded lock-off hasp which prevents it from being operated or worked on without all key holders present. We recommend the brass shackle safety locks for electrical and petroleum applications to eliminate the chance of sparks.For lockout accessories and hasps, please scroll down.

If you are unsure of which lock might be suitable we encourage you to
read our guidance article first in the Advice Section

ABUS Safety Lockout Padlocks

ABUS Safety Lockout Padlocks

ABUS now extend their expertise into the Safety Padlocks market with this exceptional lockout padlock. Arguably the best and most reliable in the market, they are 100% non-conductive and available in 10 different colours.

Zenex Lockout Padlocks

Zenex Lockout Padlocks

A purpose built padlock for safety lockout applications marked specifically with "Danger - Locked Out - Do Not Remove". Available in 6 different colours both keyed alike and different.

Laminated Padlocks

Laminated Padlocks

The new Eterna locks are the latest development in the padlock market. So much so that ABUS refuse to disclose how they manage to give a steel lock such a high grade of weather resistance and strength.

We do stock them off the shelf but they can also be made up to order in keyed-alike sets and masterkeyed. They can then also be colour coded and engraved which make them ideal for industrial lock-off padlocks.

Brass Shackle Safety Padlocks

Brass Shackle Safety Padlocks

The ABUS T84 / Inox range are specifically designed using brass shackles as safety lock-off, anti-spark padlocks. They are also fully marine grade and resistant against harsh environmental conditions. Available in 6 colours.

Coloured Aluminium Padlocks (Keyed Alike)

These are a brand new development in the padlock market. A secure and lightweight keyed alike padlock in various colours make this very desirable for the electrical industry. Please note this model is only available in a keyed-alike option.

Fire Brigade Padlocks

FB padlocks are a set of standard locks and keys that are often used by councils, property managers and schools to secure a communal area such as electric cupboard, car park gate and bin store. All emergency personal, including the fire brigade, carry these keys enabling them access to those areas quickly and easily.

Safety Lockout Accessories

Here we have a number of accessories that can be used in conjunction with the safety padlocks to lock-out switches, plugs, circuits and valves.

Coloured Bands for the ABUS Eterna Padlocks

There are little coloured bands that you can buy to replace the standard blue ones that come with the 40mm ABUS Laminated padlocks. Ideal if you want to colour code different areas of security or for safety lock-off applications.

Note: Coloured Band Only. Padlock Purchased Separately

Coloured Key Tags

A selection of key tags with paper inserts available in various different colours.

Lockout Station

A lockout station to hold a number of different lockout padlocks and accessories, made from durable and heat resistant Xenoy Plastic Alloy. Includes a cover that can be secured with a padlock.

Lockoff Hasps

These are designed for use with either our brass shackle or aluminium coloured padlocks for isolating electrical switch gear or valves. Each hasp can take up to 6 padlocks allowing a unit only to be opened by a single person or set of people holding all the keys at once.

Labeled Lockoff Hasps

An anodized aluminium hasp for allowing multiple person lockout with ther added benefit of a large warning label and identification noitce. Each hasp is capable of taking 5 padlocks.

Non Conductive Lockoff Hasp

A non conductive hasp for sensitive electrical applications made from thermoplastic nylon. It can accept up to 6 padlocks and is 100% anti spark for use in petroleum applications also.

Electrical Plug Lockouts

Safety plugouts can be fitted around any electrical plug to prevent someone from using it. Made from heat resistant materials and available in two sizes.

Adjustable Cable Lock-Out

A cable lockout system adjustable from 0.2m-1.8m in length. Each one contains an integrated hasp allowing up to four padlocks to be added.

Circuit Breaker Lockouts

These small units can be used on standard UK and European circuit breakers to lock them into the on or off position. A padlock or number of locks can then be added to secure the swtich.

Circuit Breaker Switch Grips

Switch grips can be used in various applications but primarily to lock-out circuit breakers. The unit fits over the top of the switch, tightened, then secured with a suitable padlock.

Padlock & Key Cabinets

Often our customers require highly secure cabinets to store their safety lockout padlocks and prevent potential unauthorised tampering or copying of keys.

Key Cabinets

Constructed from 1.5mm pressed steel and an anti-pick lock including a removable system sheet to store key specific information. We have 3 sizes of key cabinet available from stock and many more on demand, holding from 24 - 600 keys.

Padlock Cabinets

Specially design to hold padlocks and keys to isolate switch gear or machinery. This cabinet is available in three sizes, providing space for 24 - 100 keys and their associated padlocks. Each cabinet is secured using a special high security cam-lock.