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Restricted Padlocks

A padlock that uses a key that is very difficult to copy or is unique to your lock is known as a restricted or protected keyway. Clearly this is very useful if you're giving out many copies to staff or members and you want to ensure they're not making copies. There are partially restricted padlocks and those which are fully restricted:


Partially Restricted

Fully Restricted

Partially Restricted Padlocks

Partially Restricted padlocks come with a code card that is used to obtain copies. It identifies the cut but doesn't stop a locksmith with a suitable machine from copying the key without the card. Don't let this deter you though. The ABUS Granit locks are excellent and not that many locksmiths will have the ability to copy an ABUS Plus key even if they were willing to copy it without the code card. However, If you need additional protection see below for Fully Restricted padlocks.

Fully Restricted Padlocks

Like a partially restricted lock, these fully restricted padlocks (aka a patented padlock), have a code card which is required to copy a key or order more locks in the future. However, unlike the partially restricted locks, they are legally patented which makes it illegal to copy the keys or locks without seeing proof of your ownership first. This additional protection is reflected in the higher price of these Restricted / Patented Padlocks.