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Granit Fully Restricted Add-On

Product Attributes

£36.00  inc vat
  • 1 - 2
  • 3 - 5
  • 6 - 10
  • 11 - 20
  • 21+ 
  • £30.00 ex vat
  • £27.00 ex vat
  • £24.00 ex vat
  • £21.00 ex vat
  • £18.00 ex vat
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These ABUS Granit locks are in the 5th Generation and now available with a key profile and security card that is Fully Restricted! This is a big development and now means the award winning Granit Locks can be bought in Fully Restricted Format! Use this Add-On to upgrade your Granit Padlock order to this new system! Remember that you need to add the same number of these Add-On's as you do for the number of padlocks you need. It isn't a one off charge for any number of padlocks.

If you're unsure which padlocks this Add-On applies to then see our dedicated Granit Plus Padlock Section.

More about this product

About this product


Decades on from when this lock was first produced in ABUSs’ German factory, they are still amongst the most secure locks in the world. But to guard even further against security challenges in this changing world, ABUS have taken the Granit Series to the next level with the release of a 5th Generation of locks.

With the Key Copy Protected Key a replacement key is only possible with the presentation of the card and only via a “signed up” bonafide suppliers, such as us or with ABUS direction, whom can only buy further key blanks for cutting if approved by ABUS. This restriction therefore prevents additional keys appearing in the market other than through authorised channels which makes it very hard if not impossible to obtain a blank without permission.

About this Ad-On

This is not a product on its own. It is only an "added extra". You need to order any Granit Padlock also. By adding this it means your lock will be custom made for you using the new ZSP system. This also means you'll need to allow approx 2-3 weeks for delivery.

You can see all the Granit Locks in one place in this dedicated Granit Plus Section.

Insurance Rating

The addition of the fully restricted keyway does not improve the insurance rating of the locks. It just means that it is almost impossible to copy the keys without authorisation.

Removable Shackle

The Granit padlocks come with the added benefit that the shackle can be removed from the body entirely. Out of the box the shackle is like any other padlock and retained inside the lock when in the open position. However, if you follow our tutorial you'll be able to convert the lock so that the shackle releases completely, allowing more room to maneuver the lock in tight spaces. Click here for shackle release tutorial.