We have bought a number of Granit Padlocks for shipping containers and they have lock boxes enclosing the padlock. Is it possible to remove the shackle to make it easier to fit the lock?
Anonymous Customer

Granit locks are very popular for shipping containers for this very reason. The lock uses a ball bearing to lock the shackles in place and then a small screw retains the shackle within the padlock body once it is unlocked. All you need to do is remove this little screw and the shackle will come away once opened. This does not affect the security of the lock but will allow you to insert the shackle into the lock box first, and then attach the padlock body afterwards, giving you more room to maneuver.

Here are some photos to help illustrate what I mean:

photo 1

Step 1: Locate screw on side.


ABUS Granit Screw Removal

Step 2: Use a 3mm hex key to unscrew

ABUS Granit Padlock Shackle Screw

Step 3: Full remove screw and set aside

ABUS Granit padlock Shackle Removed

Step 4: Unlock the padlock and remove shackle

ABUS Granit Padlock Locked

Step 5: Put shackle back in and ensue padlock locks again properly