We often get asked for padlocks that fit a standard container. To work out which padlock will fit then it is best to start with a look at the fittings on your container. At first glance containers may look all the same, however, the fittings on the containers can vary enormously. If you have not had it delivered yet, then have a quick chat with the company that is supplying you as they may well be able to confirm the fitting measurements.

There are a couple of measurements you should consider. Often the main container door has a shroud (cover) fitting so you will need to know how deep this is to allow for the padlock to fit behind it. Then behind the shroud, you will have a fitting which may be a loop or bar. This will determine how thick the padlock shackle can be and how much clearance the shackle will need when closed. The other question you will need to consider is how you are going to get the padlock into position. When the doors are closed, is there room in the shroud for you to get the padlock around whatever fitting the container has? Where the larger high security padlocks are needed then space can become a little tight.

Once you have your measurements you can then determine which padlock to use. We have a number of padlocks that are suitable to use outdoors and a quick look at our weatherproof section will certainly help to narrow it down. The level of security you require will depend on what you are locking away and if your insurance company specifies a particular security rating. Although there is a large selection to choose from, here are some popular options for you to consider.



The Abus 92/80 hardened steel shutter padlock comes with a nice wide opening of 37mm giving that little extra room to get it over the fittings. Unlike many shutter padlocks, the bolt and keyway on these are situated at the same end of the padlock giving easier fitting access.


A padlock with a removable shackle padlock may prove useful if space is tight. Using one of these means you can unlock the padlock and remove the shackle from the padlock completely. Then you can loop the shackle up and around the fittings you have behind the shroud. Once in situ, you can push the body of the padlock back onto the shackle and lock it into place. The Granit 37/55 and 37RK/70 both come with this feature, as do the long shackle versions. The removable shackle is a design feature of the product and in no way compromises the security integrity of the padlock.


Alternatively if you use a container that does not come with its own protective shroud then you may wish to have a locking system that means you do not have to get the shroud fabricated yourself. Abus have brought in the Granit Container lock with this flexibility in mind. This concealed enclosure fixes to your container using 24mm double-locking bolts and comes complete with a long shackle Granit padlock. It is quick and easy to fit, with a full drilling template included. It can also be used on warehouse doors, stables, vans and lorries so a very versatile product.