The best padlock to lock up your shed will need to be weatherproof and suitable for the job in hand. Here are some tips to help you decide what type of padlock you should consider.

As the padlock will be used outdoors, people often presume that you need to use a marine grade padlock. If you are situated on the coast then a marine grade padlock will give you the resistance required in such harsh and saline environments. For those applications that are located further inland, then a standard weatherproof padlock could be a more suitable option. Both types of padlocks are generally manufactured with the same rust free mechanisms but one of the main differences lies in the shackle material. Standard weatherproof padlocks come with a hardened steel shackle. The marine grade padlocks come with a stainless steel shackle to provide better resistance against the salt environment. A stainless steel shackle is classed as a softer metal so this makes slightly easier to cut.

One of the things you will need to think about is the fittings you have in place, as this will determine the size of padlock you are able to use. Another consideration is the level of security you require, which is likely to be influenced by what you are storing in your shed. Here we look at the standard level security padlocks. For those who need a higher security level then a look at our section on these which includes plenty of options on both standard weatherproof and marine grade choices.

Now you know which type you need, you can decide whether a keyed padlock or combination would suit your requirements. So let’s have a look at some possible options.

If you are going down the standard weatherproof route then the brass Abus 65 series or their newer Titalium 64TI series gives you a good choice of sizes. Alternatively, you may wish to consider their Laminated 41 series range. All of these are available in a variety of sizes, key options and often a choice of shackle length. For those wanting a combination padlock then the Abus 158 series is a great option and even has a closed shackle version for you to consider.

What if you have worked out that you need the marine grade version? Well, have a look at the Masterlock 1174D combination padlock which comes complete with a dial cover for added protection against the elements. Or the Shield MC40 which is tougher (and bigger) than it might first appear. Where a keyed option is preferred then you might want to consider the Abus 70IB series or their marine grade brass padlocks from the 65IB series.

You never knew so much thought would go into your shed padlock!

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