An ideal combination padlock for use by the sea is the Squire CP40S. A medium security combination padlock that has been designed especially for salty marine environments. The solid plastic body and stainless steel shackle offers great protection against the common problem of rust. It has four decent size dials so it can be easier for those who might struggle to see small numbers often found on combination padlocks.

You can set your own code so that it is easy for all the users to remember. Often combination padlocks require a reset key to alter the code whereas the Squire CP40S can be reset by those who have the existing code. Once the padlock is opened, then the reset facility can be utilised when the code needs changing. Where access to the padlock is for trusted, rather than random users, then this is not normally an issue and indeed can be beneficial when any of the group needs to update the code. The same great protection and features are also available in the larger Squire CP50S.

As with any mechanical item, all padlocks should have regular maintenance. Those padlocks situated outdoors, especially in harsh weather conditions, particularly need lubricating to keep them performing well. A build-up of salt and grit is common with combination padlocks used in coastal areas. The use of a padlock lubricant such as Abus PS88 (not WD40) can keep the dials freely moving and prevent them seizing.