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This is our dedicated help, advice and testing results section for padlocks. Every time we get a good question from a customer, or asked to test a product, then we post the answer or results here. Use the list of Categories or the Search Box below to find the answer you're looking for. Don't worry you can get back to your basket our products by clicking our logo above.

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We are having problems with padlocks being frozen by co2 and then smashed off. Is there a solution?

We have Peli cases that hold very expensive equipment and use normal brass padlocks. We have found that people have used CO2 to freeze the padlock and then smash it off. Is there a padlock that can withstand being frozen like this? Yes there is. The smaller padlocks like normal brass types you mention will […]

How Do I Prevent My Padlock Freezing?

Every year we get a number of enquiries asking for advice on dealing with this so here are a few hints and tips. Padlocks and the cold don’t go terribly well together. All padlocks, especially combination locks, use complex mechanisms with springs, pins and bars. These all expand and contract with a change in temperature and […]