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Padlocks Technical Advice Centre

This is our dedicated help, advice and testing results section for padlocks. Every time we get a good question from a customer, or asked to test a product, then we post the answer or results here. Use the list of Categories or the Search Box below to find the answer you're looking for. Don't worry you can get back to your basket our products by clicking our logo above.

We've also created a concise guide with the most commonly asked questions to download and print here:

What is the best padlocks to lock site toolbox?

Most site toolboxes have cut-aways for two padlocks. By using keyed alike padlocks you could have both padlocks that open with the same key. Where you have sites with multiple boxes we are able to offer different colour padlocks or the option of engraving for easy identification.   If your box fittings can take a […]

What is the best combination padlock for a gym locker?

Many gyms need you to take your own padlock to secure your locker. A combination padlock means you can secure your locker without the worry of what to do with the key whilst you have a workout, swim or sauna. The Shield 155 series combination padlock is an ideal option from our great selection of […]

Which outdoor combination padlock is best for boat storage?

The best outdoor combination padlock for securing boat storage is the Shield MC40 or the larger MC50 which won BEST IN TEST in Practical Boat Owner Magazine when subjected to an accelerated salt spray test simulating many years in a natural coastal environment. This marine grade padlock can be used on narrowboats or sea going […]

What is the best outdoor padlock for all-round performance?

The Abus Silver Rock 5 series is an excellent all-round performance padlock. Offered in two different bodies sizes, they can be used for a variety of purposes including securing gates, doors, lockers and even toolboxes or sheds. With the look and feel of a high-security padlock, this range is ideal for those with medium level […]

Advice for schools buying padlocks for lockers

We supply a lot of padlocks for school lockers and we’ve learned a thing or two in the process. Over the years we’ve gone from simply supplying locks to manufacturing, testing and providing advice to schools, universities and colleges worldwide. Here is what we have learned: Master keys for your padlocks A master key is […]

How do you choose a padlock for lockers with Cam Latches?

Is your locker fitting causing you issues? Choosing a padlock for your locker should be easy. Surely if it goes onto the fitting on your locker and you can close it, then job done! Well, it may not be that straightforward. Lockers are fitted with either Cam Latches or hasp and staple, which are then […]

How many different keys does one set of padlocks have?

A good question and one that varies hugely between different sizes and different manufacturers.Padlocks have what are known as ‘differs’, or the amount of unique padlocks within a batch. This means that after a certain number of locks are produced off the production line, they will begin to repeat. This is inevitable due to the […]