Locker Combination Padlock

We commissioned this padlock by ABUS especially to be exceptionally reliable, long lasting and anti-pick but at an unbelievable price for the quality to produce the ideal padlock for lockers in schools and gyms!

NOT the same as the cheaper identical copies on the market!

Available in 30mm and 40mm each come with individual easy to understand instructions.

Iron Padlocks

Our Iron locks are an entry level padlock made from low cost extruded Iron. Available in various different sizes to suit a wide range of uses. They also use a hardened steel shackle for added security.

Shield Brass Padlocks

Shield Brass Padlocks

A low cost yet good quality brass padlock from a British manufacturer for general use. Although not manufactured to the ultra high standards of ABUS, the Shield Locks are still excellent and at an affordable price. Available in 4 sizes for a variety of uses.