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ABUS Padlocks

A full range of ABUS padlocks from their leading UK supplier.

ABUS Padlocks

ABUS are a German family owned company and the best padlock brand in the world. They are one of the only manufacturers to continue to innovate and bring new products into the market.

This is why we support them so much and keep such large stocks available for next day delivery. Although we do sell many other brands, we created this page specifically for ABUS, to help you find the product you're looking for more easily.

ABUS Diskus Padlocks

The Discus lock was invented by ABUS a long while ago as a key retaining lock that was closed shackle by its very design. It made it high resistant to force attacks. Many copies have been made over the years but non retain the original features that make only the ABUS discus locks highly secure. Others have a common flaw that allows them to be impacted on the side to expose the inner workings.

ABUS Weatherproof Padlocks

A common problem with many other padlocks that are classified weatherproof is that they are not marine grade. ABUS ensures all its weatherproof locks meet this grade by creating every part of the padlock from 100% non-corrosive parts.

ABUS Combination Padlocks

Combination padlock made buy ABUS do not suffer from the common issue associated with other manufacturers. This being the ability to discover the code by pulling the shackle. The precision of engineering allows ABUS to construct truly reliable combination mechanisms that we are happy to supply into schools, the military and hospitals.