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We've also created a concise guide with the most commonly asked questions to download and print here:

I have been instructed to buy a CEN3 padlock by my insurance company. What is the difference between a £10 one and a £35 padlock?

Quite often insurance companies will instruct you to ensure that you have padlocks that conform to a certain CEN grade. CEN grades are a security rating whereas BSEN standards are based on quality, so you’ll get plenty of padlocks that conform to the quantity standard, but you need to be aware of the security standard […]

Is there a CEN rated Hasp & Staple?

These are the requirements from the insurance company. “If external, it must be used with a padlock conforming to BS EN 12320 Security Grade 5 (including amendments) . If the locking bar is internal, it must be used with a padlock conforming to BS EN 12320 Security Grade 4 (including amendments). The padlock bar must […]

Attack / Strength testing of padlocks

You may have read the Insurance Grading article also and noticed that there are specific strengths that a padlock must meet in order to gain a specific insurance grade. As such, many of the major manufacturers have testing facilities to ensure their products meet the grade before taking them to market. Below is a video […]

A guide to the LPS 1654 standard for padlocks

LPS 1654 is a standard that was produced by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB). The LPCB is not a board ‘per-se’ but a brand name of the BRE Group which produces testing standards. The standard itself focuses on the time taken to compromise a padlock and gain access to the object / property it […]

A guide to Sold Secure Padlocks

Sold Secure is one of a number of testing standards for locks and padlocks. You will see the name or logo on many bike locks and very occasionally on padlocks. Sometimes your insurance company might specifically ask you for a padlock with a Sold Secure rating of Bronze, Silver or Gold. The standard was originally […]

SEAP and CPNI Approved Padlocks

Important Note: SEAP (Security Equipment Assessment Panel) was renamed CPNI in 2013 so for all intents and purposes they are the same thing but many people still use the SEAP name, probably since it is slightly easier to remember.   CPNI stands for Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure. They have many documents that […]

Do the ABUS Buffo locks still exist and if not, what is the like-for-like equivalent?

I have had an ABUS Buffo for a long time and would no like to replace it with the same lock. I cannot find it on your site. Do they still exist and if so I’d like to get exactly the same size and quality. Attached are some photos.      Simon, Thanks for the […]

What is the best padlock?

Well that depends on what you intend it to be used for. As a guide you would probably regard the most secure padlock as the best. Others might regard the one most likely to resist the weather and give a long life of service as the best. For these reasons we’ll give you what we […]

My local Police have recommended ‘Sold Secure’ or ‘Secure By Design’. What is this?

Unfortunately this is a mistake on behalf of the Police. A few years ago a specification was written that included advice for locks and bicycle alarms. As a result somewhere along the line the same standards were applied to padlocks and now the Police and insurance companies continue to recommend that you get a padlock […]

What padlock does my insurance company require?

It is likely you will be asked for one of the following by your insurance company: 1. You must have a 5 lever padlock 2. You must have a closed shackle padlock 3. You must have a CEN graded padlock of 3 or more 4. You must have a Sold Secure padlock It is firstly […]