This is a good question and the short answer is none. This is because there is not a CEN grading system for hasp & staples. We have customers ask for a hasp & staple that is CEN rated since their insurance companies have said they need to match the hasp to their CEN rated padlock. This is great in theory but the CEN testing standards simply cannot be applied to hasp & staples. As there is not a corresponding grading system, then any products can only be determined as an equivalent security rating. So how do you find the right one to match your padlock?

The best way to look at this is by using an example from one of our customers. His insurance company sent him these requirements:

“If external, it must be used with a padlock conforming to BS EN 12320 Security Grade 5 (including amendments) . If the locking bar is internal, it must be used with a padlock conforming to BS EN 12320 Security Grade 4 (including amendments). The padlock bar must be of similar strength to the padlock and designed to be used specifically with the padlock, in both cases the padlock bar must be secured to the door with coach bolts”.

The customer already owned a CEN grade 5 padlock and wanted the hasp & staple to the same grade. His padlock came with a 14mm shackle so would not fit the Squire’s CEN 5 equivalent hasp. Many of the secure hasps are not compatible with the most high secure padlock due to the hole in the staple being too small to take the larger shackles.

The only recommendation we could make was the Abus 125/150 hasp which could be used with his existing padlock.