I have just installed a cover over our control panel for our security shutters. Out insurance company have requested that we lock this security cover with a padlock conforming to BS EN 12320 CEN Security Grade 4 or LPs1654 Grade 2+. Can you recommend a padlock that will conform to their requirements?

Thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately, CEN 4 padlocks have a minimum shackle size of 11mm and there are not a huge range of locks that use the LPS grading system. I would simply drill out the hole to 11.5mm and then install on of these padlocks below. The last one uses a key that can’t be copied or at least you need a code to get a copy:

  1. https://www.padlocks.co.uk/products/high-security-padlocks/abus-83-55
  2. https://www.padlocks.co.uk/products/high-security-padlocks/abus-83-55
  3. https://www.padlocks.co.uk/products/high-security-padlocks/high-security-granit-padlock

Another thing worth pointing out is that the metal that the box is made from looks like stainless or mild steel. It could be worth making the door of the box more substantial as someone may try and cut around the padlock directly through the steel.