A padlock can need replacing for a number of reasons. Sometimes they are cut off because an attempted break-in has occurred or a poor quality padlock has seized up. We were recently contacted by a customer whose padlock on the communal gates has been cut off whilst someone was trying to break into the property. Luckily they did not succeed but it did make the residents question the padlock security on their gate.

Their current padlock was a basic open shackle brass padlock which had meant the shackle was very easy to access. They decided they wanted a padlock that would be harder to get into, giving them peace of mind that the gates were more secure. As they were on the coast this needed to be a consideration, along with the need for extra keys since there was a number of residents in the block.
Following discussions with our customer, it was decided that the ideal padlock for this situation would be the fully weatherproof marine grade Abus 24ib/60 Diskus padlock. They not only give all-round weather protection but the design of the padlock means that very little of the shackle is visible, reducing the opportunity of it being cut.

The hasp and staple had also been loosened in the incident so the customer decided they would like to change this over too. There are a number of choices but for this application, the hasp needed to be secured to the gate and post at a right angle. Therefore, the best option was the hinged Abus 140/190 hasp and staple. It will also help cover the small amount of visible shackle on the Discus padlock giving greater protection against bolt cropping.

As the customer wanted extra keys so that all the residents could access the two padlocks to be used on-site, it was recommended they have the keyed alike version of the Abus 24ib/60 Diskus. This meant that additional keys could be provided so that any of the residents could open either of the padlocks.