For convenience many people will buy a number of padlocks and want them all to be identical and work from the same set of keys. These are known as ‘Keyed Alike padlocks’ and are sometimes also called ‘suited padlocks‘ or ‘same key padlocks‘. Since their cost is often only marginally more expensive than ‘keyed different’ types, they are highly popular.

Keyed Alike Diagram

A common question is whether or not this will comprise security since inevitably other people will be using the same keyed alike set. The answer is yes others will have the same set but you must remember that in security, convenience always comes at a price. This risk can be reduce though since the more premium brands of padlock will have many sets available, making this problem much less common. As a padlock specialist we are also able to hold in stock many keyed-alike sets and rotate them regularly to reduce this problem.

Another common question is if you will be able to add to your set of locks in the future. At Nothing But Padlocks this is always possible since we record every keyed alike order and we always know what set you are using. However, we have seen some suppliers purposely renaming the product numbers to hide the set identity from their customer, preventing them from buying elsewhere in the future. Personally we feel this is mal-practice and would advise you ask for the genuine manufacturers keyed alike “suite number” before buying.

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