A ‘Master Key’ padlock is a unique padlock with its’ own key but part of a larger set. The whole set then can be overridden by what is known as the ‘Master-Key’. For obvious reasons the master-key should be kept secure as an unauthorised copy would compromise the security of the whole set.

Master Key Diagram

Due to the complexity in creating this type of padlock they do cost significantly more than keyed alike/different padlocks. When security and convenience is essential, a master-key setup is the ultimate option. Master Key sets are most commonly used in schools and gyms where lockers can be opened by the staff in case of an emergency.

However, in this case you need as many unique padlocks in one set as possible to prevent people from being able to open each others lockers. This is where the problem usually starts. Many manufactures do not produce padlocks to a sufficient quality to enable them to product a high differ master key set. At present we have only found ABUS to be able to consistently produce reliable master key sets and for this reason we only retail that brand in this specific key variation.