Where you have multiple access points to one site we can supply a set of padlocks all keyed the same so one key will open any of the padlocks in the suite. This is ideal if you have a large site with a number of access points where visitors can use any of the gates. It means they only have to carry one key to get access rather than giving them a key for each gate, saving time and money.

We have a good variety of keyed alike padlocks so we could match up with your current fittings and requirements. There are standard brass padlocks such as the Abus 65 series or the Abus 70IB marine-grade range if you are located nearer to the coast. If you need higher security, say if you were a fishing lake, then you could consider the Abus Granit range. The Granit range comes with the plus key facility which means that the keys cannot be copied down at the local locksmith. Ideal if you need to monitor how many keys are out in use.

In addition to this, we keep a record of all keyed alike padlocks provided so we can match any further orders for you should you need to.