I need order some extra keys with my padlock order but I am not sure which type I should select. How do I make sure they will be the same as the keys that come with the padlock I am buying?

In order for us to be able to supply extra keys you will need to select a ‘keyed alike’ padlock. You can check if you have one of these by looking at the product code. Those that are classed as keyed alike will have KA in their code, for example 65/40 KA.

Using the product code again you can identify what type of key you require. Generally it would be standard, plus or restricted. If the product code includes Plus or RES (restricted) then you can select the appropriate key type from this detail. If neither of these terms appear in the product code it is very likely to be a standard key. Don’t worry when we receive the order we check the selected key type and would let you know if anything needs changing before we process it.

You can go to the additional key section on the right hand-side of our main webpage in order to add any extra keys. With the majority of padlocks you get two keys as standard so you will only need to add the number of additional keys you require.