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Stronghold Container Padlock Keyed Alike

Product Attributes

Grade (?)4
Weatherproof Rating (?)Outdoor
£55.14  inc vat
  • 1 - 5
  • 6 - 20
  • 21 - 50
  • 51 - 100
  • 101+ 
  • £45.95 ex vat
  • £45.95 ex vat
  • £45.95 ex vat
  • £45.95 ex vat
  • £45.95 ex vat
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Stronghold Container Padlock Keyed Alike Squire WS75S KA 0180676

This is the keyed alike version of th really popular WS75 lock for containers. You'll see this regularly on commercial containers since Squire made it specifically for the job. CEN 4 insurance approved approved and available keyed alike.

More about this product

About this product

Note: This is the keyed alike verison of this lock. This means if you order more than 1 then all the locks will come with the same key and work as one. If you need the key different version then click here.

This lock is similar to most other straight shackle or shutter padlocks but Squire designed it to fit most styles of contain locking system. The bar opens on the same side as the key so you can get it up inside a locking box which some containers have. The dimensions are also sufficient to get over the hasps on which you fit the lock but not with too much free space which would be a security risk.

Insurance Rating

Note that the lock is CEN 4 rated. Ok this isn't the highest grade and you can buy locks from us as we do CEN 5 & 6 locks. But it is worth noting that these style of straight shackle locks afford more protection than their standard counterparts because the shackle is protected from being cut. The insurance tests purely tests against strength and doesn't account for the shape and design of the lock. Once the lock is attached, most of the shackle is guarded by the very thing you locked it too. Se photo below. This is why these locks often end up being more effective than a more highly rated standard padlock.

Weather Resistance

This is a high security lock and as such made from hardened steel. Therefore it is fine for outdoor use but hardened steel can show signs of rust over time. If they made it from stainless steel then it wouldn't be all that strong so it is just the trade off you have to accept for a strong lock. That said, it is coated with decent paint and the mechanism is made from non corrosive materials like brass and stainless.

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