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Twin Key Stronghold Padlock

Product Attributes

Grade (?)6
Weatherproof Rating (?)Outdoor
£387.76  inc vat
  • 1 - 2
  • 3 - 5
  • 6 - 10
  • 11 - 20
  • 21+ 
  • £323.13 ex vat
  • £302.93 ex vat
  • £282.74 ex vat
  • £262.54 ex vat
  • £242.35 ex vat
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Twin Key Stronghold Padlock Squire SS100CS

An obcene padlock! We just don't know how else to describe it. It is the biggest padlock we have ever seen with an equally large price tag and security rating. In fact the security rating tops out at Insurance Grade CEN 6 and this goes well beyond it. If you want the biggests and the best and have deep pockets then this is your padlock!

This lock is also unique in that it needs two keys to unlock it. Yes a little like a nuclear missile system. Quite appropriate as it might take a nuclear missle to destroy it!

More about this product

About this product

A bit of history

Henry Squire has been making locks for many generations in England and they can track their heritage back to around 240 years. Amazingly, they still make some of their locks in the UK which includes these Stronghold types. Nowadays, that doesn't necessarily mean superior quality but from what we can see the quality is excellent, the working conditions at their facility is excellent and the values of the business are also great.

About this lock

This closed shackle padlock is part of their Stronghold Range and has the highest possible security rating and tested to a CEN grade of 6 and then some more. In fact this padlock was only a gimmick to show they could make a lock that exceeded the max strength rating of the LPCB. The LPCB is a rating system for security products. Once they created it they found demand for it and then included it in their production line. For more information on these test grades please see our CEN insurance page. It has the maximum protection available against force attacks using bolt cutters, hack saws and hammers.

The body is made from hardened steel electophoretically coats to provide excellent resistance to the weather. These locks have been tested in an environment chamber to simulate over 5 years of outdoor use. Please note however this is not a marine grade padlock and not made with 316 stainless steel and we wouldn't recommend it in a salt water / saline environment. Please see our weatherproof range for these.

Size options

There are a few sizes of the Stronghold closed shackle padlocks and every one gets the maximum grade of 6 which is a little confusing. Why spend this much when the SS65CS also gets the maximum grade? Well that is up to you and what you are protecting. Cordless power tools these days are really effective against hardened steel so you could argue that the insurance strength grades need updating?

Twin Keys & lock mechanism

This lock is unique in that it needs two keys to unloick it. Yes a little like a nuclear missile system! Quite appropriate as it might take a nuclear missle to destroy this lock. The practical advantages of this is obvious. It would need two personal or manages to be present and open a unit, door, gate or vault.

The entire base of the lock is covered by a rubber guard which folds back. This protects from water and road salt getting kicked up into the lock when hanging downwards. These locks are key retaining which means when you open the lock, the key is fixed and you need to lock it again to remove the key. The keys are a 6 pin mechanism. Each padlock comes with 4 keys included. 2 for each keyway.

Need this padlock keyed alike? We can make this lock keyed alike but it would be special order. Contact us.

Uses & Applications

Many insurance companies require padlocks which are of a CEN Grade of 4 or higher. This padlock affords a rating of 6 and is suitable for almost all insurance company requirements. To be honest CEN6 is more than most people will need but with the advent of cordless grinders with diamond blades then frankly, the bigger the better! Take a look at the video here when some Americans try shooting the Stronghold locks with one of the most powerful riffles available. Enough said.

If you're interested in seeing more padlocks by Squire then see our dedicated Squire padlocks page here!

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