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Product Attributes

Grade (?)6
Weatherproof Rating (?)Outdoor
MaterialHardened Steel
£248.64  inc vat
  • 1 - 2
  • 3 - 5
  • 6 - 10
  • 11 - 20
  • 21+ 
  • £207.20 ex vat
  • £196.30 ex vat
  • £185.39 ex vat
  • £174.49 ex vat
  • £163.58 ex vat
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The best of the best. You cannot get a stronger lock. This is a genuine CEN rated 6 lock, made in Germany and assembled in the UK. It is the highest insurance grade on the market, using a patented anti-copy dimpled key.

Note that this uses a patented dimpled key so cannot be compared to the cheaper alternatives on the market using a standard keyway.

Insurance Ratings:
- BSEN 12320
- CEN 6
- Sold Secure Gold

More about this product

About this product

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are a few cheaper versions of the lock on the market but they are not using the patented dimpled keyway and they will not be assembled for you specifically to order. We only do this lock with the restricted Bravus 1000 keyway as we do not see the point is having a CEN6 lock without it.

This is officially our strongest lock and what we would regard as the most high security padlock in the market. Firstly it is CEN grade 6. You can read more about this on our Insurance CEN Grade advice page. This means you'd need the force of 100 tonnes to pull the padlock from its U-shackle and over 100 Tonnes of force to cut it. On top of that it cannot be picked since it is made using the unique patented dimpled keyway which opens using Bravus profile anti-copy keys, seen below:

You'll also notice from the image that it is closed shackle which makes it very difficult to cut with bolt croppers. There are two types of closed shackle locks. Standard and 360. This model used the 360 degree type which means the protective walls go all the way around rather than leaving one corner open which is commonly found on lesser models. The significance of this cannot be understated. If you do manage to cut the shackle, then it still won't open since the shackle is prevented from spinning. You'd need to cut the shackle in two places to remove it from the chain, hasp or gate that is is attached to. This makes it nearly impossible to remove.

The shackle is a huge 15mm thick and made from graded hardened steel. Please ensure that whatever you intend to attached the lock to has a hole wide enough to accommodate 15mm. In the case of a chain the hole in between the links needs to be 16mm or more. In our case we only do one chain that will fit and that is the 12KS Loop which will match the lock in security.

Shackle Removal

Please note that due to the design of the lock the shackle will remove from the body when unlocked. If you wish to link the shackle and body with a chain then this can be achieved by welding. Please see our guide here:


Additional Keys:

Every lock comes with 2 keys each. If you need additional keys then you'll need to order the special restricted types from the additional keys section.

Weather Resistance:

High security padlocks have a dilemma that they have to be made from hardened alloy steel in order to be strong enough to with stand attack and cannot be made from stainless steel which is soft in comparison. The problem is that hardened steel is not rust proof. However, ABUS have coated this lock with a new process that is 5 times more effective than traditional coatings such as chrome plating. The new coating is known as NANO Protect. It is similar to chrome plating but doesn't chip off or degrade over time. It makes the steel nearly as resistant as stainless steel. The bottom line is that the lock is perfectly suitable for outdoor use and is regarded as weatherproof.

Review of Padlock for enclosed warehouse lockbox:


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