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Straight Shackle Alarm Padlock Short Shackle

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The XBL Series is Xena's straight shackle model affords the added protection of being more resistant to bolt cutters and useful for a range of applications. The slightly thinner shackle also makes it ideal for use with security chains. Like all Xena padlocks it is equipped with a state-of-the-art weatherproof alarm system triggered by movement.
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About this product

About This Padlock:
Xena's straight shackle padlock affords the protection of any closed shackle padlock with additional resistance to hack-saws and bolt cutters. The are also commonly used with steel chains to secure gates, on shipping containers and also to secure roller shutter doors.

The body is constructed from solid stainless steel using a huge 14mm thick shackle for maximum resistance agaist cutting and bolt croppers.

It is important to remember this padlock can be locked with the alarm de-activated and used as a traditional high security padlock. You may wish to de-activate the alarm when the item you are securing could be knocked accidently or in high wind conditions.

Each padlocks comes with 3 keys. 

We have one size in this model but with 3 different shackle dimensions of 25mm clearance, 35mm clearance and a special thin shackled model with 19mm clearance. Please select your choice from the drop-down list above and then click "full size and dimensions".

Uses & Applications:
The lock is useful in any security situation especially for motorbikes and gates where someone might try and tamper with the security measures. It is also exceptional in preventing tresspass or vandalism where the movement caused by someone jumping over a gate will trigger the alarm.

The Alarm:
Each lock contains a shock and movement sensor connected to a microprocessor triggering a 110 dB alarm which is not as loud as a car alarm but loud enough be effective. The sensor is also intelligent enough not to trigger by minor movements caused by wind.

The lock will beep for 5 seconds before the alarm is activated allowing you to unlock it. If activate the alarm will sound for around 15 seconds before resetting to its original state. It can be activate multiple times if the lock is continually tampered with.

It is important to note that cheaper alternatives are not controlled by variable microprocessors and can sometimes be activated accidentally by wind or rain.

Standards & Tests:

Xena Standards