Python Cable (8mm)

Manufacturer: MasterLock Product Code: 8418D
Python Cable (8mm)
Length: 1.8m / Thickness: 8mm
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£18.54 each ex vat
£22.25 inc vat
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6 - 20 £18.02 ex vat
21 - 50 £17.51 ex vat
51 - 100 £17.00 ex vat
101+  £16.48 ex vat
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About This Product:
The cable is made from 8mm of woven steel within a plastic sheath that protects the paint on your car/bike/gate but also prevent corrosion. The end is threaded through the locking unit and then locked in place at the desired length without the need for a separate padlock.

Each unit comes with 2 keys.

The Python comes in 2 sizes both of the same maximum length, 1.8m. The Mini version uses an 8mm thick cable and the larger type a 10mm cable for higher security. The 8mm version weighs a mere 450g whilst the bigger 10mm version weighs in at 780g.

2mm might not seem like a lot but the larger type is substantially more bulky and as a result certainly more secure. Basically the 8mm is good for carrying around to secure bike whilst the 10mm is better for situations where weight is not at issue.

Masterlock Python Cable


Masterlock Python Cable


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