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Stronghold Combination Padlock

Product Attributes

Weatherproof Rating (?)Outdoor
£122.40  inc vat
  • 1 - 2
  • 3 - 5
  • 6 - 10
  • 11 - 20
  • 21+ 
  • £102.00 ex vat
  • £99.00 ex vat
  • £96.00 ex vat
  • £93.00 ex vat
  • £90.00 ex vat
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Squire are a British company and although they don't manufacture all their products here in the UK, this model is and we believe this is now the only combination padlock to be made in Britain. Chunky, secure and 5 dials make it very secure.

More about this product

About this product

A bit of history

Henry Squire has been making locks for many generations in England and they can track their heritage back to around 240 years. Amazingly, they still make some of their locks in the UK which includes these Stronghold types. Nowadays, that doesn't necessarily mean superior quality but from what we can see the quality is excellent, the working conditions at their facility is excellent and the values of the business are also great.

About this padlock

This is a relatively new lock on the market so we haven't had much time to test it. However, it does appear use a similar mechanism to that of the CP Range of combination padlocks which have proved to be both reliable and popular over the years. That said, Squire make this lock in the UK whilst the CP range is made in the far east.

It uses a 5 wheel design giving up to 100,000 possible combinations so no thief will be able to work through the codes regardless of the amount of time they have. It has a 10mm hardened shackle which is in fact 1mm less than that of the equivalent ABUS model but we doubt that will be a huge different in terms of attack strength. It is coated in a weather resistant phoretic paint, similar to that used on the ABUS Granit Locks which keep them surprisingly weatherproof. However, we certainly wouldn't advise using this in a salt water environment as hardened steel will rust over time, paint or no paint. Squire have a specific range for marine enviroments. They usually put "S" in the product name and they are often Blue.

Resetting the code

The lock is resettable to your own code and instructions are provided with the lock. One important thing to note is that this lock does not come with a security reset key like the ABUS models. It uses a small spike (provided) to turn the numbers once in the reset mode. However, although very difficult to reset without this tool, in our opinion this will not prevent someone changing the code once in the open position if they were adamant. This is worth bearing in mind if the lock is on a communal gate and you must ensure that people who have access don't maliciously change the code without you knowing. If this is necessary then you may consider the Shield C50 or the ABUS 190 Series.

If you're interested in seeing more padlocks by Squire then see our dedicated Squire padlocks page here!

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