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TSA Luggage Combination Padlock

£7.54  inc vat
  • 1 - 5
  • 6 - 20
  • 21 - 50
  • 51 - 100
  • 101+ 
  • £6.28 ex vat
  • £6.11 ex vat
  • £5.93 ex vat
  • £5.76 ex vat
  • £5.58 ex vat
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The Travel Sentry Alert (TSA) Padlock is great as an all round combination padlock for lockers and luggage but also has key override that allows airport security services to inspect your hold-baggage without damaging the lock or your luggage.

More about this product

About this product

About This Padlock:
Travel Sentry Alert (TSA) is a progam that was created to allow people to lock their airport hold luggage without worrying about they bags or locks being damaged if searched by airport security.

The padlock itself is ideal as an all-round combination padlock for lockers, bags and luggage but includes a special key over-ride that can only be used by authorised security staff within an airport.


Many countries operate TSA regulations but mostly the USA. When travelling to these countries they can open and re-lock the TSA padlock safely without damaging your baggage. Without this your travel insurance can be invalidated.


Resetting The Combintion:

1. Open the padlock using the default code (all zeros)
2. Twist the shackle around 90 or 180 degrees (depends on model)
3. Push the shackle back down into the body
4. Whilst pushing the shackle down, change the combination
5. Release pressure from the shackle and rotate back to its normal position
6. Close the padlock and scramble the code.

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