Buffo Disc Padlock (70mm)

Manufacturer: ABUS Product Code: 28/70
Buffo Disc Padlock (70mm)
Width: 70mm / Shackle: 10mm
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£7.86 each ex vat
£9.43 inc vat
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Discount price each
1 - 5 £7.86 ex vat
6 - 20 £7.52 ex vat
21 - 50 £7.18 ex vat
51 - 100 £6.84 ex vat
101+  £6.50 ex vat

About This Padlock:
The Buffo features many of the same high-quality specifications of the Diskus padlock but at a more affordable price. We recommend that this product is used with our hasp and staple for maximum security. Remember that all discus padlocks are deisgned to be 'key-retaining' for security reasons and therefore will only release the key once the padlock is re-locked again.

All our padlocks are delivered with 2 keys each inclusive of the price.

On our website we have one size of popular Buffo disc padlock but we hold numerous different sizes and codes. Please contact us for specific models or sizes.

The precision 5 pin tumbler with self-locking mechanism make the brass padlock highly secure against picking, while the hardened steel shackle and double bolted case help protect the lock from force attacks. The non-corrosive internal machanism ensure the lock will function well outdoors. You can find out more about ABUS padlocks here.

ABUS Global-Protection-System

ABUS Global Protection System

The ABUS GPS offers you a world-wide unique security standard for door cylinders, mortice locks, door bars, door fittings, window locks, and padlocks. Security levels from 1 to 10 provide different security levels depending on type of application and your individual security requirement. From basic protection up to highly sophisticated security devices this rating system helps you to choose the right product for your situation. ABUS products offer high quality in each security level, no matter how you decide.

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