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Closed Shackle Extreme Padlock

Product Attributes

Grade (?)3
Weatherproof Rating (?)Outdoor
MaterialHardened Steel
£74.16  inc vat
  • 1 - 2
  • 3 - 5
  • 6 - 10
  • 11 - 20
  • 21+ 
  • £61.80 ex vat
  • £59.99 ex vat
  • £58.17 ex vat
  • £56.35 ex vat
  • £54.53 ex vat
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This is the closed shackle version of the new Extreme range by ABUS. The closed shackles giving added protection against forced attacks and bolt cutters, often a requirement of insurance companies. Special weatherproof treatment makes this a marine grade lock suitable for all weather conditions and extreme environments.

Insurance Ratings:
- BSEN 12320
- CEN 3
- Sold Secure Bronze

More about this product

About this product

This closed-shackle model of the new ABUS Extreme range is the latest thing in the padlock market. Offering the strength of hardened steel and the resistance of the closed shackle design.

The ABUS Extreme range has evolved from their 83 series which led the way in high security padlocks. These Extreme use the same technology in terms of high security features such as ball baring locking which prevents level and force torsion attached with crow bars. They also use special anti-pick barrels and hardened alloy steel shackles.

The new Extreme model however incorporates the catophoretic coat found on the Granit range and the special Nano-protect treatment found on their 41 series. They then finish it off with a key guard to make a highly secure and weatherproof lock.

This lock can be made with our unique "Key It Twice" service. This allows you to have a secondary set of keys which, when used, will automatically disable the first set. For more info on this please Click Here


Insurance Rating:

These padlocks are recognised under a number of insurance and testing standards including:



The lock is BSEN 12320 / CEN rated to grade 3. If you''re unfamilair with this system this please read this page first: https://www.padlocks.co.uk/advice/insurance-cen/. It is also one of very few locks to be Sold Secure rated to Bronze.

Key Retaining:

Note that these padlocks come 'Key Retaining' as standard and therefore you need the padlock in the locked position to remove the key. Should you wish to convert it to 'Snap Shut' format then please see the technical advice here: www.padlocks.co.uk/advice/key-retaining-padlock/

This lock comes with two keys per padlock. If you require more than 2 keys please order the 'keyed alike' version and include additional keys from the menu on the left afterwards or simply click here.

Please note this lock uses the standard keys rather than the special restricted ABUS plus keys.

We only have one size of this closed shackle model but two sizes in the open shackle design. Please see the previous page.

Uses & Applications:
The Extreme range has been tested in the most rigorous conditions. Although ideal as a high security lock both indoors and out, it is especially suited to exposed conditions and saline environments.  The closed shackles make it especially difficult for bolt cutters to reach and crop the shackle which is inherently the weakest part of the lock.

Review of Padlock for enclosed warehouse lockbox:


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