Keyed Alike Adjustable Shackle Padlock

Manufacturer: Masterlock Product Code: 1950D KA 25435

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Keyed Alike:
This means that when you buy two or more padlocks from the keyed alike range they will all be operated by the same key. Each padlock comes with two keys as standard.

As far as we know we are the only company to offer an addjustable shackle padlock in a keyed alike version.

However, we cannot guarantee being able to supply addiitonal padlocks to an existing key code in the future.

About The Lock:
Masterlock have made this padlock to have a shackle adjustable between 70-155mm long using numerous ratchet notches along the shackle length. Inevitably it does make the strength of the shackle weaker at these points but the added convenience often makes it a worthwhile sacrifice.

We had Masterlock bring this variety in as a keyed alike option especially.

The lock only comes is a fairly large size of 50mm with an 11mm thick shackle. Smaller models would mean the shackle was too weak at the point of the adjustable notches.


MasterLock 1950D

MasterLock 1950D

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