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Keyed Alike Zenex Safety Padlock Black 11F252

Product Attributes

MaterialXenex Alloy
£25.93  inc vat
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  • 6 - 20
  • 21 - 50
  • 51 - 100
  • 101+ 
  • £21.61 ex vat
  • £21.01 ex vat
  • £20.41 ex vat
  • £19.81 ex vat
  • £19.21 ex vat
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Keyed Alike Zenex Safety Padlock Black 11F252 Masterlock S31 Black KA 11F252

A purpose built padlock for safety lockout applications marked specifically with "Danger - Locked Out - Do Not Remove". Available in 6 different colours both keyed alike and different. Each colour is keyed alike to a specific key.

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About this product

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Keyed Alike:
This means that when you buy two or more padlocks from the keyed alike range they will all be operated by the same key. : For security these locks are only provided with a single key. This prevents two keys being accidently distributed to more than one person.

If you require a specific keyed alike padlock matched to a code or a number of sets of keyed alike padlocks please contact us.

These locks are specifically designed for safety Lockout / Tagout applications with the words "Danger - Locked Out - Do Not Remove" imprinted as standard on the front of the lock.

Made from a Zenex alloy which is composite material, it consists of polycarbonate, polyester, mineral and glass fibres. They can withstand temperatures from -70 to +350 F, are resistant to impact and resistant to both UV and chemical corrosion. To minimise contamination, no silicone is used in the locks.

These locks we formally known as Xenoy. Masterlock rebranded this range in 2011 but they are the same lock, just with a different name.

The keyed different locks have over 100,000 pin configurations in circulation which ensures accidental removal of a lock by another user is almost impossible.

The locks are also "key retaining" which means that the risk of the lock being left open is reduced significantly.

Marking & Identification:
Since these locks are so often required to be marked with identifying names or codes, each lock comes included with a set of multi-lingual sticky back labels. See below:

Lockout Labels


There is only one size in the range and is suitable for all the hasps and lockout accessories on our site.

Each lock comes with only 1 key. This is done for security reasons to ensure each padlock can only be operated by a single individual. 

Full Dimensions:
View the exact dimensions of this size by clicking here.

Uses & Applications:
Lockout padlocks are used to secure switches and valves by a single or number of workers, preventing the machinery from being operated whilst their lock is present.

There are a number of applications for this type of lock but it is most commonly used for maintenance of electrical or heavy machinery.

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