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The Worlds Best Padlocks for 2022

What are the best padlocks money can buy?


We keep getting asked what "we would choose if you were me" or "what is the best padlock". As such we felt a top 3 list, selected by our technical director would be a good idea. They're not the cheapest but the best in terms of quality, strangth and value. This list is continually being reviewed and updated as manufacturers bring new products to the market! If you disagree with our choices, we'd be very keen to hear what you think!

Top 3 General Purpose Padlocks

As a starting point here are three kinds of low security, general purpose padlocks which are relatively low cost but exceptional value and strong for their size! The laminated Eterna locks are still made in Germany and offer exceptional value, whilst the new Silver Rock are very impressive. Finally the 145 combination locks by ABUS are expensive but just lovely!

Top 3 Closed Shackle Padlocks

Top 3 Weatherproof Padlocks

Top 3 High Security Padlocks

Top 3 Combination Padlocks