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Restricted Closed Shackle Extreme Padlock

Product Attributes

Grade (?)3
Weatherproof Rating (?)Outdoor
MaterialHardened Steel
£113.33  inc vat
  • 1 - 2
  • 3 - 5
  • 6 - 10
  • 11 - 20
  • 21+ 
  • £94.44 ex vat
  • £92.08 ex vat
  • £89.72 ex vat
  • £87.36 ex vat
  • £85.00 ex vat
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This is the closed shackle version of the new Extreme range by ABUS. It also uses the patented curved Y-keyway that the open shackle restricted locks have. You may opt for the closed shackle version to help prevent against bolt cutting attacks or if you insurance company specifically requires a closed shackle design.

More about this product

About this product

Important: Please note that these locks are individually made to order so the usual next day delivery option is not available. Please allow 7-10 days for delivery. After ordering this lock you MUST let us know if the address provided for payment or delivery is different to that of the lock owner. We need this information for security to ensure we keep track of restricted locks within the UK.


How is this lock restricted?
A restricted padlock is on that uses a key that cannot be copied and is not in common circulation. In this specific case the ABUS Extreme lock uses a special Pfaffenhain Y-Cylinder.

Pronounced "faffenhine", they are the leading force in restricted lock development and research. Their unique and patented Y-key is actually curved along its length and has been made using a machine that only ABUS have. There is currently no way that this key can be copied or reproduced.

Abus Pfaffenhain Curved Key

The second protection afforded by the Pfaffenhain Y-Cylinder is the unique way in which each lock produced is recorded and monitored. A central record of all the key owners is kept securely by ABUS in their UK headquarters in Bristol.

It is important to note that no lock or keyway is 100% protected and in the same way, no padlock is 100% pick proof. Although there is currently no way to copy the Y-Cylinder, criminals and illegal lock-smiths are always developing new ways to overcome security. The only thing that manufacturers can do is to keep on top of research and constantly develop new and unique products.

For more information on this type of keyway please see the 'Specification Sheet' above.

The ABUS Extreme range has evolved from their 83 series which led the way in high security padlocks. These Extreme range padlocks use the same technology in terms of high security features such as ball bearing locking which prevents level and force torsion attached with crow bars. They also use special anti-pick barrels and hardened alloy steel shackles.

The new Extreme model however incorporates the catophoretic coat found on the Granit range and the special Nano-protect treatment found on their 41 series. They then finish it off with a key guard to make a highly secure and weatherproof lock.

Each padlock is delivered with 2 keys each and can be made to be keyed alike, keyed different or master keyed. Additional keys need to be ordered directly with us for security purposes.

We have a single size in the closed shackle Extreme lock. However, there are two sizes in the open shackle model so you may consider one of these instead.

Please note that these locks are "key retaining". This means you need to lock the padlock before being able to remove the key. This prevents you from accidently leaving it open and enabling someone to access the restricted cylinder. 

Uses & Applications:
The extreme range has been developed for use in Extreme environments funnily enough. Although ideal as a high security lock both indoors and out, they are especially suited to exposed locations and saline environments. This closed shackle model will give added protection against bolt cutters, allowing less room to get to the shackle. You may also find that your insurance company requires you to have a 'closed shackle' padlock. If so then this will tick that box.

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