TSA Padlock Green

Manufacturer: Zone Product Code: TSA302G

TSA Padlock Green
Width: 30mm / Shackle: 3mm
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£5.48 each ex vat
£6.58 inc vat
Discount price each
1 - 2 £5.48 ex vat
3 - 5 £5.32 ex vat
6 - 10 £5.16 ex vat
11 - 20 £5.00 ex vat
21+  £4.84 ex vat
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US Homeland Security were granted permission to inspect any luggage entering the United States whether random searches or with reasons to be suspicious in the wake of the 9/11 tradgedy.

These TSA approved padlocks are basically to give you the reassurance that baggage handlers can't rummage through your cases as they go along the conveyor belt system at the airport, but authorised officials can use their master key to unlock your padlock and search your case (as they are legally entitled to do so) without the need to forcably remove a padlock from your case.

At 30mm wide they are a good deterrent to opprtunist thieves but a padlock of this size will never be high security whether you pay £9 or £90 for one.

A very good addiitonal to our TSA range to give you that added peace of mind when you're on your travels.

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