A disc, discus or round padlock is disc-shaped and has a curved shackle that goes right the way around its circumference. Due to their design, they have the status and security rating of a closed shackle padlock. They were initially designed to be used directly in conjunction with a hasp and staple. This means the already restricted shackle is completely covered, making it highly difficult for it to be sawn, cut, hammered or bolt cropped.

Hasp and StapleThe padlock body itself is not solid, contrary to the traditional padlock design. The circular shackle is enclosed in two opposing metal cases to form the disc. The keyway is then situated directly in the centre of the lock. Since the shackle is not spring-loaded, damage to the keyway barrel by force or drilling will not open the padlock. It will remain disabled and locked. It is for this reason that they remain a highly popular choice.

Since these padlocks are mostly hollow, ABUS and a few other premium brands, have increased the security of their disc padlocks further by placing a hardened steel disc within the case to prevent the padlock body from being crushed. This development has made the ‘ABUS Diskus’ the leading discus padlock on the market

WARNING: In recent years many budget disc padlocks have entered the marketplace and have damaged the reputation of the original design. Many cheaper alternatives can in fact by hammered on the join between the two halves of the disc body causing them to fall apart and expose the mechanism. Unfortunately, this is no secret and the lock is easily compromised. However, high-quality disc models do not suffer from this fault.