Many working sites now require ladders to be secured to any vehicles carrying them and where holes on roof brackets are often only about 7mm wide, the outdoor padlocks need to be quite small. These padlocks are ideal for the job. Any of these options can be supplied as key differ or keyed alike so you could choose to have all the padlocks across your suite keyed to the same code. This would allow any members of your workforce with a key, to access the ladders.

There are a number of smaller padlocks that you could use to attach the ladders to the brackets. Given that the hole diameter is 7mm then I would look at the Abus 65/30 which has a shackle of 5mm diameter. It is hardwearing and is perfectly at home outdoors. However, if you are based along the coast you may wish to use the marine grade version Abus 65IB/30.

For a lighter weight option, then the Abus 64TI/30 Titalium padlock is made to the same dimensions as the brass 65 series.

The Abus 70IB/35 has a shackle of 6.5mm so may be a little snug but if you are able to drill out the holes a little more, you may find this one ideal. The plastic coating not only protects the padlock but is very useful in helping prevent any noise or damage caused by the padlocks rattling against the ladders whilst the vehicle is in motion.