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Answer: ABUS 24ib/50

The ABUS 24 is a range of discus padlocks which are marine grade stainless. They act as a closed shackle design to stop people from using a hack saw to quickly cut off normal stainless padlocks. ABUS are the only manufacturer with the technical ability to make a disc lock so small and also make it reliable enough for a marine environment.


Most sailing boats have lockers in the cockpit and often subjected to rain, salt water spray and the general saline atmosphere in which they sit. Almost every sailor will have had to deal with a rusty padlock staining their deck or struggling to open it after it has been left for a while.

“The first problem is that most chandlers do not sell marine grade padlocks”

That’s right, the buyers will just find something that says “weatherproof” in their suppliers catalogue and stick it on the shelf, but it will not be marine grade. The difference being is that a weatherproof lock is chrome treated whilst a marine grade lock has a stainless mechanism and shackle. Big difference.


Thanks to our customer Dan for this photo.

“The second problem is that even when you do find a marine lock, it isn’t secure enough since stainless is soft”

Yes that is unfortunately the case. Marine grade locks have stainless shackles which makes them easy to cut and most lockers have little hasps that take a maximum of a 7-8mm shackle thickness so you can’t just go and put a really hefty marine lock on. Normally the only way around it is to get a small closed shackle marine grade lock.

“If you can find a closed shackle marine grade padlock with a shackle less than 7mm in a UK Chandlers then let us know and we’ll send you one for free”

We say that because you won’t. There is only one closed shackle lock small enough on the market which is also marine grade stainless. It is the ABUS 24ib/50. See above.