The Abus Silver Rock range is an excellent all round performance padlock complete with zinc body and hardened steel shackle. Traditionally, zinc is known as a ‘soft’ metal given to corroding easily so is usually found combined with other metals in alloys.

However, Abus have developed this special type of zinc solid bodied padlock that comes with durability and strength giving flexibility in it’s applications. With the look and feel of a high security padlock this range is ideal for those with medium level security requirements. They can be used for a variety of purposes including securing gates, doors, lockers and even toolboxes or sheds.

Available in both standard and long shackle versions will mean that they will fit on many fastenings across a wide range of uses. Whichever of the shackle lengths you select, we are able to offer the 40mm and 50mm sizes in either key differ or keyed alike to suit your requirements. The double locking hardened steel shackle has been treated with the Abus Nano protect coating giving that important weather protection required for outdoor applications. The blue silicone bumper fits snugly round the base of this brushed stainless steel looking body giving protection against scratches and damage. All this means that the Abus Silver Rock is a good all round padlock you can use to secure a wide variety of items.