I have had an ABUS Buffo for a long time and would no like to replace it with the same lock. I cannot find it on your site. Do they still exist and if so I’d like to get exactly the same size and quality. Attached are some photos.

buffo lock 006   buffo lock 004



Thanks for the question. The Buffo was discontinued few years ago and replaced by the 23 Series of discus locks by ABUS. The new 23 series is available in 2 sizes and in both keyed alike and differ format. It is basically the same lock and the entry level standard for ABUS Discus locks. That said, it still appears to be better that almost all other discus locks on the market, even if it is their cheapest version.

Here are the dimensions of the 70mm version for you to compare with your lock. I think it should be perfectly suitable:


You can purchase it here:

Keyed Different: https://www.padlocks.co.uk/products/disc-padlocks/diskus-padlock-70mm

Keyed Alike: https://www.padlocks.co.uk/products/keyed-alike-padlocks/keyed-alike-diskus-padlock-70mm