We recently has a padlock attacked by brute force and we prefer to use discus locks since they are good value and help protect against bolt cutters. How can we make the existing setup more secure on our parking meters?
Lincolnshire City Council

Thanks for the question. As you say, the discus locks are quite secure already but any locks, if exposed can be attacked. If they are securing cash, like with a parking meter, then they become quite a target. Fortunately for you, the disc locks can be made more secure quite easily. See the images below.

Initially the parking meter has just a bar that the padlock locked onto. This prevented the meter from being opened. To make it more secure they fabricated a simple piece of steel and welded it over the top. They then made a hole for the key to access. This basically shrouded the whole lock from attack!

Discus Padlock Shroud 3

Discus Padlock Shroud 2

Discus Padlock Shroud 1